Mungia's BBQ & Catering Service

Mungia's BBQ & Catering Service

We are giving back to our local Non-Profit Organizations and Fundraisers

My name is Thomas Mungia, owner of Mungia’s BBQ Restaurant and Catering. I have been in the bar-b-que business for over 30 years now, and throughout those 30 years, I have done a vast amount of fundraising contributions to non-profit organizations, schools, churches, and individuals who have undergone extenuating life situations. Fundraising is a way that me and my wife, as business owners can give back to the community in a positive way and make a difference in an organization or in someone’s life; and for us that is gratifying.

I am pleased to announce that with the assistance of my son, Taylor, Mungia’s BBQ has created a new program that is launching in 2014. It is called, “GIVING BACK” to our local non-profit organizations and fundraisers by Mungia’s BBQ. Here’s how it works, if a non-profit (i.e. churches, schools, boy/girl scouts, booster clubs, SPJST Lodges, and ultimately fundraising events in general) is interested in participating in this program, I will sit down with a representative and look over each weekend throughout the calendar year to host an event at our Restaurant. The organization will select a weekend of their choice (Friday and Saturday) to dedicate solely for their fundraising event. Each weekend in the year will be dedicated to an organization so once the week is filled, it’s not able to be taken by other organizations. Mungia’s BBQ will contribute 15% of ALL sales made for the two days and in addition, we will provide advertising through our website and Facebook page!! The organization is encouraged to send out flyers, emails, and radio advertisements for a better success of their event.

I want to emphasize, Mungia’s BBQ is not charging a cent to host events. This is simply our way of GIVING BACK to the community!

Please call to secure your weekend for the 2014 calendar year! So far we have received positive feedback in regards to this new program; therefore, we anticipate that the weekends will fill very quickly. This program is being offered on a first come first serve basis. We are looking forward to hosting your fundraising event at Mungia’s BBQ Restaurant!!


Thomas and Gloria Mungia